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Фильмы / Hubble HD / Hubble Kit 3

Описание диска.
Имя диска Hubble Kit 3
Носитель 3 dvd 
Цена 350 руб.
Описание По многочисленным просьбам, выкладываем дополнительные материалы с сайта
На этих дисках представлены последние обновления HD видеороликов, набор астрономических программ и мультимедийных обучающих материалов, top 100 фотографий, презентации.

На дисках представлены следующие программы :

1) The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have produced a series of astronomical exercises for use in high school.
The prime object of the series is to present various small projects that will transmit some of the excitement and satisfaction of scientific discovery to students.
The first four exercises focus on measurements of distances in the Universe, one of the most basic problems in modern astrophysics.
The students apply different methods to determine the distance of astronomical objects such as the supernova SN 1987A, the spiral galaxy Messier 100, the Cat's Eye Planetary Nebula and the globular cluster Messier 12.
Among others, it is possible to make quite accurate estimates of the age of the Universe and its expansion velocity, without the use of computers or sophisticated software.
The CD-ROM contains PDF-files in all available languages and images (not interactive exercises as these are available on the web).

2) The Making of The Second Guide Star Catalog

This is a project that attempts to explains the substance, uses and complex methods adopted to produce the GSC-II catalog via a multimedia interactive interface.
The content ranges from pretty pictures, through simple graphical descriptions to complex professional articles.
It is aimed at a technically sophisticated level though does not require previous knowledge of Astronomy.
The tour is distributed via a CD-ROM media as it is too large to be comfortably viewed over the web with today network speeds.
May be shown in public.

3) Scisoft VII Linux Astronomical Software Collection DVD

The Scisoft DVD VII Export contains a large collection of astronomical software that is in wide use by professional astronomers for handling data from major optical and infrared telescopes.
This version runs on Linux, Fedora Core 6 and similar systems.
It does not run on Windows or Macintosh computers.

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