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Образовательные материалы / Высшее образование / Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №2

Описание диска.
Имя диска Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №2
Носитель 4 dvd 
Цена 450 руб.
Описание Представляем вашему вниманию видеоматериалы с международного астрономического симпозиума 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (Прага, 2006г).

Тема этого форума S236 - Near Earth objects, our celestial neighbors: Opportunity and risk (Околоземные объекты, возможности и риски).
На англ.языке.

Как и полагается конференциям такого уровня, изложение ведется на простом и ясном языке, без излишнего злоупотребления замысловатой терминологией.
Вполне доступно старшеклассникам к примеру.

Список докладов :

A) Секция "Transport from source populations"

1) Valsecchi, G. B. Introductory remarks
2) Levison, H. Transport from TNOs to NEOs
3) Bottke, W. F. The delivery of meteorites from the Main Belt to Earth
4) Emel'yanenko, V. V. Source Populations of Near-Earth Comets

B) Секция "Population models"

1) Morbidelli, A. Asteroid Population Models
2) Gronchi, G. F. Mutual Geometry of Confocal Keplerian Orbits: Uncertainty of the MOID and Search for Virtual PHAs
3) Tancredi, G. From Where In The Sky Do They Come?
4) Chang, H.-K. Occultation of X-rays from Scorpius X-1 by Small Trans-Neptunian Objects

C) Секция "Rotation and non-gravitational forces"

1) Burns, J. Collisional evolution of rotation
2) Nesvorny, D. The YORP effect

D) Секция "Shapes and internal structure"

1) Durech, J. Physical Models Of NEAs From Sparse Photometric Data
2) Benner, L. A. (for S. J. Ostro) Radar Reconnaissance of Near-Earth Asteroids
3) Benz, W. Collision And Impact Simulations Including Porosity
4) Benner, L. A. Radar Images of Asteroid (100085) 1992 UY4
5) Michel, P. Collisional And Tidal Disruptions Of Small Solid Bodies: Influence Of The Internal Structure And Implications

E) Секция "Surfaces, composition"

1) Binzel, R. P. Asteroid-Comet-Meteorite Connections for NEOs
2) Licandro, J. Comet-asteroid transition objects
3) Marchi, S. Space Weathering And Tidal Effects Among Near-Earth Objects
4) Di Martino, M. (for D.F. Lupishko) Near-Earth Asteroids as Principal Impactors of the Earth: Physical Properties and Sources of Origin

F) Секция "Rotation, observations"

1) Pravec, P. NEA Rotations and Binaries
2) Kaasalainen, M. Inverse Problems of NEO Photometry: Imaging the NEO Population
3) Smirnov, M. A. On the rotation of asteroid (99942) Apophis
4) Brosch, N. (for D. Polishook) Observations of binary NEOs at the Wise Observatory

G) Секция "Binaries"

1) Richardson, D.C. & Walsh, K.J. Forming NEA Binaries: Tidal Disruption May Not Be Enough
2) Scheeres, D. J. The Dynamics and Evolution of NEO Binary Asteroids
3) Margot, J. L. Hermes as an Exceptional Case Among Binary Near-Earth Asteroids
4) Sekanina, Z. Earth's 2006 Encounter with Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann: Products of Nucleus Fragmentation Seen in Closeup

H) Секция "Databases and Data Mining"

1) Spahr, T. B. Near-Earth Object Observations and Observation Handling: Present and Future
2) Sansaturio, M. E. Single and Multiple Solutions Algorithms to Scan Asteroid Databases for Identifications
3) Granvik, M. Near-Earth-Object Identification Over Apparitions
4) Boattini, A. Low Solar Elongations For NEOs: A Deep Sky Test And Its Implications For Survey Strategies

I) Секция "Current and future surveys"

1) Young, J. W. The NEO Confirmation And Recovery Program At Table Mountain Observatory
2) Larson, S. Current NEO surveys
3) Kaiser, N. (for R. Jedicke) The Next Decade Of Solar System Discovery With Pan-STARRS
4) McMillan, R. S. Spacewatch Preparations for the Era of Deep All-Sky Surveys
5) Tyson, J. A. (for Z. Ivezic) LSST: Comprehensive NEO Detection, Characterization and Orbits
6) Bowell, E. The Discovery Channel Telescope News

J) Секция "Current missions to NEOs I"

1) Yoshikawa, M. The Nature of Asteroid Itokawa Revealed by Hayabusa
2) A'Hearn, M. F. Deep Impact and NEOs
3) Barucci, M. A. NEO Sample Return mission

K) Секция "Current missions to NEOs II"

1) Mainzer, A. K. NEOCam: The Near-Earth Object Camera
2) Abe, S. Interior Structure of Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Itokawa by the Hayabusa Mission
3) Rathke, A. (for D. Izzo) Keplerian Consequences of an Impact on an Asteroid and their Relevance for Mid-Term Asteroid Deflection Strategies

L) Секция "Impact rate and risk estimates"

1) Harris, A. W. Impact rate and risk
2) Weissman, P. R. The Cometary Impactor Flux at the Earth
3) Stuart, J. S. Photometric Calibration of LINEAR and NEA population Statistics

M) Секция "The meteor/asteroid impact transition"

1) Revelle, D. O. The Diversity Of NEO Fireballs: Detection, Location And Analysis Techniques
2) Borovicka, J. Parent bodies of meteoroids
3) Jenniskens, P. (Mostly) Dormant Comets In The Neo Population And The Meteoroid Streams That They Crumble Into
4) Spurny, P. Automation of the Czech Part of the European Fireball Network: Equipment, Methods and First Results

N) Секция "Impact Monitoring"

1) Chesley, S. R. Asteroid Impact Prediction
2) Valsecchi, G. B. Collision solutions in orbital elements space
3) Cellino, A. Albedo and Size Determination of (99942) Apophis from Polarimetric Observations
4) De Luise, F. Unveiling The Nature Of 2004 VD17
5) Muinonen, K. Physical and Dynamical Properties of Near-Earth Objects from Nordic NEON

O) Секция "The IAU role on the NEO problem"

1) Engvold, O. The IAU role
2) Williams, I. P. The UK Near Earth Object Information Centre
3) Bailey, N. J. Deep Near Earth Object Impact Simulation Tool For Supporting The NEO Mitigation Decision Making Process
4) Milani, A. Closing remarks
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