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Образовательные материалы / Высшее образование / Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №3

Описание диска.
Имя диска Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №3
Носитель 4 dvd 
Цена 450 руб.
Описание Представляем вашему вниманию видеоматериалы с международного астрономического симпозиума 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (Прага, 2006г).
Тема этого форума S237 - Triggered star formation in a turbulent Ism (Вынужденные образования звезд в турбулентной межзвездной среде (Interstellar Medium, ISM)).
На англ.языке.

Как и полагается конференциям такого уровня, изложение ведется на простом и ясном языке, без излишнего злоупотребления замысловатой терминологией.
Вполне доступно старшеклассникам к примеру.

Список докладов :

A) Секция "Turbulence and general structure in the ISM"

1) Dickey, J., Observations of turbulence in diffuse ISM of the Milky Way
2) Heyer, M., Observations of interstellar turbulence in the molecular ISM
3) Shore, S., Turbulence in high latitude clouds
4) Falgarone, E., Turbulence in local molecular clouds

B) Секция "General ISM in galaxies and Magellanic Clouds"

1) Blitz, L., Atomic and molecular gas
2) Fukui, Y., CO, HI, and recent Spitzer SAGE results on the LMC
3) Rubio, M., Dense molecular clouds and associated star formation in the Magellanic Clouds
4) Boulanger, F., Dust emission from the LMC and SMC

C) Секция "ISM Turbulence"

1) Jenkins, E. B., New results on the distribution of thermal pressure in the diffuse ISM
2) Breitschwerdt, D., Dynamical evolution of a supernova-driven ISM
3) Piontek, R., Turbulence driven by the magnetorotational instability
4) Breitschwerdt, D. (for M. de Avillez), Non-equilibrium ionization simulations of the turbulent interstellar medium
5) Ostriker, E., Non-stellar sources of turbulence in the ISM

D) Секция "Shells I"

1) Brinks, E., Observations of supershells in the ISM of nearby galaxies
2) Stanimirovic, S., Observation of shells, worms and other dynamical structures
3) Ehlerova, S., An automatic identification of HI shells
4) Goldman, I., The SMC super-shells as probes of the turbulent dynamics of the ISM
5) Kawamura, A., Star formation in the LMC: Comparisons of giant molecular clouds with young stars and star clusters

E) Секция "Shells II"

1) Oey, S., Supershells
2) Palous, J., Triggering and instabilities in shells and supershells
3) Kun, M., The enigmatic Loop III and the local galactic structure
4) Toth, L. V., Footprints of trigger in large area surveys of the nearby ISM and YSOs
5) Mizuno, N., NANTEN observations of triggered star formation: from HII regions to galaxy collisions

F) Секция "Molecular clouds I"

1) Andre, P., From pre-stellar cores to protostars: evolution towards the IMF
2) Crutcher, R. M., Magnetic fields and star formation - observational results
3) Beuther, H., Physics/Chemistry of hot molecular cores - impact of massive star-forming regions
4) Reid, M. A., Dissecting a site of massive star formation
5) Minier, V., Anatomy of the S255-S257 complex: triggered high-mass star formation

G) Секция "Molecular clouds II"

1) Bally, J., Dynamical processes in star forming regions
2) Cunningham, M. A., Hypersonic swizzle sticks: proto-stellar jets, fossil cavities and turbulence in molecular clouds
3) Barsony, M., The newest twists in protostellar outflows
4) Gustafsson, M. G., Probing turbulence in OMC1 at the star forming scale: observations and simulations
5) Reach, W. T., Spitzer observations of protostars in dark globules in HII regions

H) Секция "Molecular clouds III"

1) Chu, You-Hua, Observations of triggering in the LMC
2) Sabbi, E., Star formation in the Small Magellanic Cloud: the youngest star clusters
3) Alves, J., Molecular clouds in galaxies from extinction studies
4) Rosolowski, E., Understanding starbursts through molecular clouds in high density environments
5) Deharveng, L., Observation of triggering in the Milky Way
6) Rengel, M., S K1: a possible case of triggered SF in Perseus

I) Секция "Clusters I"

1) Whitmore, B., The life and death of star clusters - a general framework
2) Kroupa, P., Cluster formation and dissolution
3) Tenorio-Tagle, G., Theory of formation of SSC
4) Silich, S., The Super massive star clusters: from superwinds to a cooling catastrophe and the injected gas re-processing
5) Gritschneder, M., Triggered star formation in the environment of young massive clusters

J) Секция "Clusters II"

1) Whitworth, A., Theory of molecular core formation
2) Tan, J., The formation of massive stars and star clusters
3) Hennebelle, P. H., Strongly induced collapse model confronts observations
4) Preibisch, T., Sequentially triggered SF in OB associations
5) Chen, W. P., Triggered star formation in OB associations

K) Секция "Clusters III"

1) Padoan, P., The formation of self-gravitating cores in turbulent magnetized clouds
2) Vazquez-Semadeni, E., Regulation of star formation efficiency by molecular cloud turbulence
3) Clarke, C., Simulations of ionization triggering
4) Nakamura, N. F., Protostellar turbulence in cluster forming regions of molecular clouds

L) Секция "Galaxies I"

1) Kennicutt, R., Star formation on galactic scales
2) Struck, C., Star formation in mergers and interacting galaxies
3) Duc, A., Dwarf galaxy formation in tidal tail
4) Gao, Y., Star formation law: from dense cores to extreme starbursts

M) Секция "Galaxies II"

1) Mac Low, M., Galactic-scale star formation by gravitational instabilities
2) Bonnell, I., Simulations of spiral wave triggering and turbulence driving
3) Kim, Wong-Tae, Cloud formation from large-scale instabilities
4) Joung, M. R., Turbulent structure and star formation in a stratified supernova-driven ISM
5) Gibson, S. J., Cold HI in turbulent eddies and Galactic spiral shocks

N) Секция "Galaxies III"

1) Tosaki, T., Dense molecular gas formation triggered by spiral density wave in M 31
2) Bekki, K., Triggered star formation in Magellanic clouds (triggered SF in LMC collision)
3) Norman, C., Numerical Modeling of the ISM in the Galactic Center and Disks
4) Krumholz, M., Turbulence, feedback, and slow star formation
5) Elmegreen, B. G., Conference summary: Star formation in a dynamic ISM
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