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Образовательные материалы / Высшее образование / Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №4

Описание диска.
Имя диска Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №4
Носитель 4 dvd 
Цена 450 руб.
Описание Представляем вашему вниманию видеоматериалы с международного астрономического симпозиума 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (Прага, 2006г).
Тема этого форума S238 - Black holes: From stars to galaxies - across the range of masses (Черные дыры: от звезд до галактик - все масштабы масс).

Как и полагается конференциям такого уровня, изложение ведется на простом и ясном языке, без излишнего злоупотребления замысловатой терминологией.
Вполне доступно старшеклассникам к примеру.

Список докладов :

A) Секция "Stellar-mass black holes"

1) Casares, J., Observational evidence for stellar-mass black holes
2) Zycki, P. T., X-ray energy spectra of low and high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in accreting black holes
3) Mirabel, F., Microquasars: disk-jet coupling in stellar-mass black holes
4) Kubota, A., Suzaku observation of the black hole transient 4U1630-472
5) King, A. R., Matter accretion and ejection in black-hole systems
6) Joss, P. C., Formation of rapidly rotating black holes in massive binary stellar systems
7) Matsumoto, R., Sawtooth-like oscillations of black hole accretion disks
8) Gonzalez Hernandez, J. I., On the origin of the black hole in the X-ray binary XTE J1118+480

B) Секция "Formation and evolution of massive black holes"

1) Rees, M. J., Massive black holes
2) Hasinger, G., The cosmic evolution of black hole accretion
3) Mateos, S., X-ray emission properties of the broad-line AGN in the XMM-2dF Wide Angle Survey
4) Merloni, A., Cosmological growth of supermassive black holes: the kinetic luminosity function of AGN
5) Madau, P., Formation and evolution of supermassive black holes, black-hole binary merging
6) Dultzin-Hacyan, D., Quasar evolution: black hole mass and accretion rate determination
7) Chartas, G., X-ray spectral evolution of quasars
8) Greene, J. E., Black hole growth in the local universe

C) Секция "Active galactic nuclei"

1) Begelman, M. C., Supermassive black holes: accretion and outflows
2) Kunieda, H., Hard X-ray spectra of AGN observed with Suzaku
3) Tristram, K. R. W., Mapping the circumnuclear dust in nearby AGN with the mid-infrared interferometric instrument MIDI
4) Goosmann, R. W., X-ray variability in AGN: implications of magnetic flares
5) Pounds, K. A., Cumulative effects of outflows on the X-ray spectra of AGN
6) Collin, S., Uncertainties on the black hole masses in AGN and consequences on the Eddington ratios
7) Lawrence, A., Warped disks and the Unified Scheme
8) Yaqoob, T., An accretion disk laboratory in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 2992
9) Ueda, Y., Cosmological evolution of active galactic nuclei X-ray luminosity function

D) Секция "Physical processes near black holes"

1) Fabian, A. C., Strong-gravity effects: X-ray spectra, timing, polarimetry
2) Narayan, R., GRS 1915+105: a near-extreme Kerr black hole
3) Bicak, J., Black holes and magnetic fields
4) Markoff, S. B., Constraining jet physics in weakly accreting black holes
5) Heinzeller, D., Black hole accretion: theoretical limits and observational implications
6) Beskin, G., Search for the event horizon evidences by means of optical observations with high temporal resolution
7) Proga, D., Dynamics of radiatively inefficient flows accreting onto radiatively efficient black hole objects

E) Секция "The Galactic Center"

1) Genzel, R., The Galactic Center
2) Eckart, A., The simultaneous radio to X-ray observations and polarized NIR emission from Sagittarius A*
3) Schödel, R., The structure of the nuclear stellar cluster of the Milky Way
4) Cuadra, J., Variable accretion of stellar winds onto Sagittarius A*
5) Morris, M. R., The character of the short-term variability of Sagittarius A* from the radio to the near-infrared
6) Subr, L., Stellar dynamics with Kozai's resonance in Sagittarius A*

F) Секция "Ultraluminous X-ray sources"

1) Makishima, K., Observational evidence for intermediate-mass black holes
2) Charles, P. A., SS433-type X-ray binaries and the nature of ULXs
3) Fabrika, S. N., The supercritical accretion disk in SS433 and ultraluminous X-ray sources
4) Abolmasov, P., The optical counterpart of an ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 6946 X-1
5) Soria, R., Recipes for ULX formation: necessary ingredients and garnishments
6) Tsuruta, S., Explosion of very massive stars and the origin of intermediate mass black holes
7) Kuncic, Z., Ultraluminous X-ray sources: X-ray binaries in a high/hard state?
8) Cropper, M., On the nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources from optical/IR measurements
9) Wolter, A., Variability of ultraluminous X-ray sources in the Cartwheel Ring

G) Секция "Supermassive black holes and their galaxies"

1) Ferrarese, L., The inner workings of early-type galaxies: supermassive black holes and stellar nuclei
2) Taylor, G. B., Imaging compact binary black holes with VLBI
3) Macchetto, F. D., Radiatively inefficient accretion disks in low-luminosity active galactic nuclei
4) Dottori, H. A., The central 80x200 parsecs of M83, how many black holes and how massive are they?
5) Mushotzky, R., Black holes across the mass spectrum -- from stellar-mass black holes to ultra-luminous X-ray sources and active galactic nuclei
6) Storchi-Bergmann, T., Inward bound: following the gas flow from nuclear spirals to the accretion disc
7) Peng, C. Y., Probing the coevolution of supermassive black holes and galaxies out to z~4.5 using gravitational lensing
8) Barth, A. J., The smallest black holes in nearby active galactic nuclei
9) Impey, C. D., The evolution of supermassive black holes and galaxies in the COSMOS survey
10) Woo, J., Cosmic evolution of black holes and galaxies to z=0.4

H) Секция "Black holes across the mass spectrum"

1) Hameury, J. M., The disc instability model for dwarf novae in the AGN context
2) Ohsuga, K., Radiation hydrodynamic simulations of super-Eddington accretion flows
3) Türler, M., Synchrotron outbursts in galactic and extra-galactic jets, any difference?
4) Mirabel, F., Closing: Present status and future developments of black holes across the range of masses
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