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Образовательные материалы / Высшее образование / Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №5

Описание диска.
Имя диска Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №5
Носитель 4 dvd 
Цена 450 руб.
Описание Представляем вашему вниманию видеоматериалы с международного астрономического симпозиума 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (Прага, 2006г).
Тема этого форума S239 - Convection in Astrophysics (Процессы переноса (конвекции) в астрофизике).
На англ.языке.

Как и полагается конференциям такого уровня, изложение ведется на простом и ясном языке, без излишнего злоупотребления замысловатой терминологией.
Вполне доступно старшеклассникам к примеру.

Список докладов :

A) Секция "Modelling Convection and Radiative Transfer"

1) Canuto, V.M., Theoretical Modelling of Convection
2) Cattaneo, F., Challenges to the theory of solar convection
3) Steffen, M., Radiative hydrodynamics models of stellar convection
4) Trujillo Bueno, J., Radiative transfer modeling of the Hanle effect in convective atmospheres
5) Wedemeyer-Böhm, S., Dynamic Models of the Sun from the Convection Zone to the Chromosphere
6) Rincon, F., Anisotropy, Inhomogeneity And Inertial Range Scalings In Turbulent Convection
7) Kupka, F., Round table discussion

B) Секция "Observational Probes of Convection"

1) Landstreet, J.D., Observing Atmospheric Convection in Stars
2) Kosovichev, A.G., Helioseismic inferences on subsurface solar convection
3) Asplund, M., Convection and the solar elemental abundances
4) Kjeldsen, H., What Can We Learn About Convection From Asteroseismology?
5) Cauzzi, G., Solar High Resolution Spectral Observations Compared with Numerical Simulations
6) Smalley, B., Round table discussion

C) Секция "Convection in planets and brown dwarfs"

1) Glatzmaier, A., Numerical simulations of convection and gravity waves in planets
2) Christensen, U.R., Convection-Driven Planetary Dynamos
3) Ingersoll, A., Observations of Convection in the Giant Planets: Results of Space Missions
4) Mohanty, S., The Role of Convection in Brown Dwarfs
5) Ludwig, H.G., Prospects of Using Simulations to Study the Photospheres of Brown Dwarfs
6) Wuchterl, G., Convection during the formation of gaseous giants and stars
7) Chan, K., Round table discussion

D) Секция "Stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, and convective mixing"

1) Chiosi, C., Convection and mixing in stellar models: theory versus observations
2) Arnett, D., Progress in 3D simulations of Stellar Convection
3) Thompson M. J. (for H. Shibahashi), The DB gap of white dwarfs and semiconvection
4) Ventura, P., The Role Of The Convective Treatment In AGB Modelling
5) Deng, L., Supersonic convection in red- and yellow-giants
6) Spite, M., Extra-mixing in Extremely Metal-Poor red giants
7) Eggleton, P.P., Two Instances of Convection and Mixing in Red Giant Interiors
8) Weiss, A., Round table discussion

E) Секция "Oscillations, mass loss, and convection"

1) Stein, R.F., Applications of Convection Simulations to Oscillation Excitation and Local Helioseismology
2) Wood, P.R., The Relation of Convection to Pulsation and Mass Loss in Red Giants
3) Samadi, R.S., Solar-like oscillation amplitudes as a probe of turbulent convection in stars
4) Robinson, F.J., Convection in the outer layers of Procyon A: a comparison with the Sun
5) Hanasoge, S.M., Acoustic simulations in Spherical Geometry: Can we detect convection in the sun?
6) Goupil, M.-J., Round table discussion

F) Секция "Convection and rotation"

1) Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Rotation of the Solar Convective Zone from Helioseismology
2) Klahr, H., Convection in Astrophysical Disks
3) Tikhomolov, E., Large-scale Flows and Convection at the Base of Solar Convection Zone
4) Brummell, N.H., Rotating compressible penetrative convection and magnetic pumping
5) Palacios, A., On the interactions of turbulent convection and rotation in RGB stars
6) Käpylä, P.J.K., Effects Of Rotation And Input Energy Flux On Convective Overshooting
7) Roxburgh, I., Round table discussion

G) Секция "MHD convection and dynamos"

1) Brandenburg, A., Prograde patterns in rotating convection and its effect on the dynamo
2) Busse, F.H., Dynamos in Giant Planets
3) Cameron, R., Photospheric magnetoconvection
4) Getling, A., Generation of Coupled Global and Local Magnetic Fields by a Cellular MHD Dynamo
5) Brun, S., Challenges of Magnetism in the Turbulent Sun
6) Toomre, J., Round table discussion
7) Zahn, J.-P., Conference Summary
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