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Образовательные материалы / Высшее образование / Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №6

Описание диска.
Имя диска Видеомат. с межд. астрон. симпозиума, №6
Носитель 3 dvd 
Цена 320 руб.
Описание Представляем вашему вниманию видеоматериалы с международного астрономического симпозиума 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (Прага, 2006г).
Тема этого форума S240 - Binary stars as critical tools and tests in contemporary astrophysics (Двойные звезды как важнейшие инструменты исследований в астрофизике).
На англ.языке.

Как и полагается конференциям такого уровня, изложение ведется на простом и ясном языке, без излишнего злоупотребления замысловатой терминологией.
Вполне доступно старшеклассникам к примеру.

Список докладов :

A) Секция "Welcome and Introductory address"

1) Harmanec, P., Conference openning
2) Guinan, E., Preview of conference talks

B) Секция "Observing with high angular and spectral resolution"

1) McAlister, H., Overview of Multiple-Aperture Interferometry Binary Star Results from the Northern Hemisphere
2) Davis, J., Overview of Multiple-Aperture Interferometry Binary Star Results from the Southern Hemisphere
3) Shao, M., Space-based Long Baseline Interferometry for a New Era of Binary Star Research
4) Balega, Y., Interferometry with single telescopes
5) Hatzes, A., High-precision radial-velocity measurements
6) Fekel, F.C., Spectroscopic Binary Candidates For Interferometers

C) Секция "New possibilities for standard observational techniques"

1) Ribas, I., The new era of eclipsing binary research with large telescopes
2) Bonanos, A., Eclipsing Binaries in Local Group Galaxies
3) Mason, B., 'Classical' Observations of Visual Binary and Multiple Stars
4) Hartkopf, W., Toward a common language: the Washington Multiplicity Catalog
5) Evans, N.R., Polaris: Mass and Multiplicity
6) van den Besselaar, E.J.M., DE CVn: A Bright, Eclipsing Red Dwarf - White Dwarf Binary
7) Vaz, L.P.R., The Eclipsing Triple System U Ophiuchi Revisited
8) Hadrava, P., New Trends in Disentangling of the Spectra of Multiple Stars
9) Koehler, R., Binary Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster

D) Секция "Improved methods of data analysis"

1) Hensberge, H., Modern Techniques for the Analysis of Spectroscopic Binaries
2) Peters, G., Bipolar Jets, Hot Interaction Regions, and Colliding Winds in OB Interacting Binaries
3) Kafka, S., Studying Magnetic Activity in Cataclysmic Binaries using Near-IR Spectroscopy
4) Richards, M., Doppler Tomography of Accretion Disks and Streams in Close Binaries
5) Strassmeier, K., Doppler imaging and eclipse maps of spotted stars
6) ten Brummelaar, T., Reducing data from long-baseline interferometers
7) Wilson, R., Models of Binary Star Observables over the Triennium
8) Falceta-Goncalves, D., Line-Profile Variations on Massive Binary Systems: determining eta Carinae orbital parameters
9) Stencel, R.E., Evidence for a precessing disk in the extreme binary, epsilon Aurigae.
10) Chadima, P., New Findings Supporting the Presence of Various Structures of the Circumstellar Matter in the Beta Lyr System

E) Секция "Observing in the Era of Large-Scale Surveys"

1) Pourbaix, D., Binaries in Large-Scale Surveys
2) Prsa, A., Pipeline Reduction of Binary Light Curves from Large-Scale Surveys
3) Mazeh, T., Reduction of eclipsing binary data in the Magellanic Clouds
4) Koch, D., The Kepler Mission and Binary Stars
5) Niarchos, P.G., Evaluating with ground-based spectroscopy and Hipparcos photometry the Gaia contribution to the field of Eclipsing Binaries
6) Zwitter, T., The RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE)
7) Thomas, S.J., Search and study of companions around Herbig Ae/Be stars
8) Gull, T.R., Eta Carinae: Clues to its Binarity
9) Raghavan, D., A Multiplicity Survey of Solar-Type Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood
10) Maceroni, C., Close binaries in the CoRoT space experiment
11) Neuhaeuser, R., Astrometric imaging of the wide binary HD 19994 with a radial velocity planet candidate with sub-milli-arc-sec precision

F) Секция "The need to improve basic calibrations"

1) Aufdenberg, J., Interferometric Constraints on Gravity Darkening with Application to the Modelling of Spica A & B
2) Valls-Gabaud, D., The distance to the Pleiades revisited

G) Секция "Increasing possibilities of classical methods"

1) Gimenez, A., A new look into the apsidal motion test of eclipsing binaries
2) Chaname, J., Catalogs of Common Proper Motion Binaries: a Gold Mine for Galactic Studies

H) Секция "Evolutionary models for binary and multiple stars"

1) Clarke, C., Progress in the theories of binary formation
2) Eggleton, P., Progress in the theories of binary evolution: new results from models in more dimensions
3) Bisikalo, D., Testing and improving the dynamical theory of mass exchange
4) Zinnecker, H., Young binaries as a test for pre-Main Sequence evolutionary tracks
5) Derekas, A., Eclipsing binaries in the LMC: a wealth of data for astrophysical tests
6) Catalan, S., The Initial-to-final Mass Function of White Dwarfs in Common Proper Motion Pairs
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